I love to develop the communications skills of my clients and their staff. I tailor training to your needs and provide everything from masterclasses to workshops and bite size inputs to day-long courses. Here are a few sample courses but everything can be customised to your needs.

Basic media training

Learn how the media work, techniques for writing for press, how to deal with interviews and how to use photocalls and briefings.

Max of 12 participants

Advanced media training

Learn how to work with radio and TV journalists, practice live interviews and cope with pressurised situations. Max 6 participants

Crisis media training

Practice using both traditional and online media to deal with crisis situations. Scenario based sessions are developed tailored to your business allowing real time practice. Max 20 participants

Effective communications

Understanding the range of communications techniques available, what works best for which audiences, writing with confidence, developing key messages and combining online and offline methods.

Max 12 participants

Presentation Skills

Learn the skills for success and never fear a presentation again. Know how to use your voice and body language, dress appropriately, use language effectively and work the room. Max 6 participants

Social media basics

Understand the range of social media available, know how to use them and what the pitfalls are. This course covers all the basics. Max 12 participants

More social media

Understand your audience and which social platforms are right for you. Set base lines and objectives, develop a content plan, build campaigns and evaluate your success.

Max 12 participants

Engagement techniques

An overview of consultation and engagement techniques. Know which techniques work best when and how to organise engagement events. Understand group dynamics and issues of power. Max 12 participants

Running focus groups

Focus groups provide a structured way to develop insights into customer thinking. Learn how to recruit, run and write up focus groups. Max 12 participants.

Creating effective surveys

Learn how to draw samples, design questionnaires, ask unbiased questions, get good return rates and write powerful reports. Max 12 participants.

Managing disperse teams

The rise of mobile, agile and home working creates specific leadership and communications challenges for managers. Learn how to manage for success.

Max 12 participants

Using Mobile devices

Ensuring your staff or volunteers can make the most of their mobile devices is critical as organisations move to agile working.

Max 12 participants.

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