Whether you are looking for classic market research, consultation with stakeholders or users or seeking to engage communities we can help. We can provide a full service or work alongside your in-house team.

Consumer/Citizens panels

We recruit and manage a panel of customers or users with whom you can test ideas, concepts or policies. A cost effective way of getting statistically valid feedback.


We design and deliver surveys to measure everything from the impact of campaigns, staff morale, awareness of products to feedback from events.

Focus groups

Alongside providing statistically valid data we also design and run focus groups to provide you with insights into buyer or citizen behaviour, understanding of community issues and develop new products and services.

Engagement events

We have extensive experience of planning engagement events with communities to explore issues such as major developments and schemes that provide you with the evidence you need to make decisions.

Digital engagement

Engaging with customers and citizens online is a cost effective way of gathering insights into behaviour. We plan and deliver engagement activities on the most appropriate platforms for your business.

Engagement strategy

Do you have a systematic approach to engaging your consumers, customers or citizens? We develop your strategic approach ensuring it is consistent with your business goals.

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